I'm In Pictures!

Hey my friends, I'm so glad to see that your following our blog and keeping up with the secret lives of the Teletubbies. Since our comeback into showbusiness the phone has really been ringing off the hook. We are getting so many offers for shows and appearances that we just can't keep up with them all. The only problem I've had is that I am up late at night reading scripts next to a box of donuts and a bag of chips. This late night snacking has caused me to pick a little extra baggage around the middle.

I decide that I'm not going to let my fans down by becoming the next Teletubby blimp. I have started a workout program and hired a couple of personal trainers to deal with this problem. I met these two guys who were hanging out in the gym together pumping iron. The two guys were Lou and Arnold. These guys looked like solid steel and promised to make me the buffest Teletubby in showbusiness.

The training was going good till I discovered that Lou and Arnold had a busier schedule that I had. Lou kept talking about get a lead acting role for some character the looked like the jolly green giant on a vegetable can. Arnold kept saying that he is trying to get into politics. All he kept talking about was saving California. What do you think he meant by that? He kept leaving in the middle of our workout saying " keep working out without me." "I'll be back". Lou kept coming to the gym with this weird looking green makeup and bushy eye brows. I hope nobody thinks he gay.

With Arnold campaigning and Lou walking around in his little green costume, I've been left pretty much on my own to work out. I got to get back into shape or I going to be back to square 1. Since Lou and Arnold left me, I was able to talk the other Teletubbies into doing a workout video with me. What other way to lose weight that to aerobicize with your best buddies? Working out is starting be fun. I'm spending time with friends and losing some of this fat ass.

Whew! all this working out stuff is making me hungry. Does anybody want to join me for a milkshake? Come on! I'm buying! What's better that a nice tall milkshake after a grueling workout? It's kind of a reward for all my hard work. Ehhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Here comes Arnold; I better hide this milk shake. Gotta go Fans. See you at the gym.

Great news !

Hi guys !

I have a wonderful news ! You can't even imagine, I'm so excited !

I was walking down the street when a random guy that I knew from my childhood recognized me. We shot the breeze a little bit and he had a crazy idea.

A cra-zy idea.

Alright I can't wait anymore.

I have the pleasure to announce to you that... THE TELETUBBIES ARE BACK ON TV ! Isn't it awesome? I'm so happy for all those kids and I can't wait for the first episode.

So are you going to be watching TV tomorrow at 4 pm ET on PBS? Let me just let you know that you would be biggest f******* idiot on earth.



Laa La'album !

Hello !

I have good news ! After all those months of hard work to live of my passion, I finally have a contract ! Let me explain. When Dipsy started to hang out and sing with Lil'Jon, I came with him a couple of times. Lil'Jonny, like I say, loved me and hired me as a translator for France (Ménage à trois et voilà !).

I was working there when I met Brittney and Maria Carey Liencomparing their boobs in the toilet of the studio. I felt sketchy and get a little tiny surgery here in South Florida. My new friends loved it and offered me to sing on my own album, I'm so excited ! I have already written a couple of song like "LaaLaalizer", "Friends forever" and "Goon and green balloon", featuring Lil'Jon and DipJobs. It is already a real triumph !

I have to go, Maria is waiting for me...

It was a real pleasure to share some of my deep feelings with you, dear followers. I am going to miss you, and I mean it.

Oh and by the way, don't forget to live your dreams.

Au revoir !

I'm Back In Action Fans!

Hi my friends. I feels so good to back to work. What's going on out there in TV land? I just finish auditioning for a series of new movies. The first audition was for a movie called smoky and the Teletubby. My first audition went a little rough though. have a looksie.
The next movie I thought I was a roll of charmin bath tissue the way this guy kept squeezing my belly. He squeezed my stomach so hard I started making all kind of funny noises. I thought my teletummy would short circuit by the time this idiot finished squeezing me.
I even auditioned for a scary movie called Po-ltergeist. What a rush it was to make that movie. I also attempted to audition for a sequel to the exorcist but i could'nt get my head to spin around more than once. Whew! All this acting business is wearing me out. I need to take a load off. Just when I thought my day would end, in comes Barney singing that stupid "I love you song."
Barney just dropped by to show his support. I just wish he would spare me that stupid song.
Just when I thought I would get the Smoky and the Teletubby part, William Shatner walks in with an idea for a new trekkie movie. Shatner wanted to incorporate adventures of the teletubbies in space travel. I told him I would take the part because my teletummy was designed to store and analyze data; something that me prove valuable in space travel. I just hope he does'nt ask me to put those damm pointy ears on. Eh Ohhhhhh. Peace out fans!